Founded in 2005, Blackhole Tech is geared towards solutions, not products. Since childhood, we’ve loved to tear stuff apart, see how it works and see if we could make it work better. All of that experience has led to Blackhole Tech being a solution-driven fleet innovator. We put an emphasis on getting to know our clients and their needs so we can deliver customized solutions, each and every time. We ensure that our solutions will fit your fleet and increase productivity, efficiency and safety… increasing your bottom line.

We’ve Always Considered Ourselves Problem Solvers

Brandon Hearron

I was born in the small town of Arvin that is southeast of Bakersfield, CA. I spent most of my childhood days tearing stuff apart and putting it back together. I wanted to learn how things worked and see if I could improve them. Growing up in a small community with an entrepreneurial father, solidified my work ethic. As life went on, I attempted to improve on everything I did. Whether it was building and fixing things, working on cars or fishing, I tried to do it better. Now, as a husband and a father of two amazing children, I bring that same drive for solving problems to my business. In fact, it is my business. If your fleet has a problem, I am confident we can find a solution. It’s like being a kid again… finding problems and solving them. But now, the solutions benefit your fleet, your company, your bottom line.

Ryan Hearron

I am a husband and father to three gorgeous children. Like my younger brother Brandon, I too was born in Arvin. However, that is where our similarities for the most part end. While Brandon was off fixing things, I was off doing things. I played Basketball and Baseball. I grew up skateboarding and after we moved into Bakersfield, I took up wakeboarding and snowboarding. I have fought through many injuries due to my interests and never backed down. You could say I am fearless. I love finding a client that does not believe we can solve his fleet problems. I take it as a challenge. It doesn’t scare me… it only fuels my competitive desire to win. And that desire is a win for your company. No fleet challenge scares me because I know our customizable solutions can solve almost any fleet problem you may face.

Cody Lackey

Josh Andrews

Sid Melvin

Steven Langston