Surveillance, collision avoidance, and reverse safety cameras all designed to fit your specific fleet needs. Whether you need a complete camera system or parts to fix your current system, we can provide you with a solution. The camera systems we offer are customizable, not generic and 100% beneficial to you. We are a proud dealer of ECCO and Safety Vision products. Our safety camera systems will provide you with surveillance, collision avoidance, and a clear view of what’s behind you, all in a package designed to fit your specific fleet needs.


Blindspots are exposed and visibility is increased with durable cameras that capture a wide angle to provide the driver with the best possible vehicle coverage in the areas they need it most. Rear vision cameras give the driver the visibility needed to safely reverse.


Increased visibility decreases the possibility of collisions and other accidents that result in claims or costly repairs. Utilizing cameras to document driving habits and behavior also encourages fleet drivers to follow laws and company safety policies.


Camera coverage provides consistent documentation that can be provided to your insurance company in the case of an accident, or damaged property. Camera footage also gives management insight into employee driving habits.