GeoTab GPS Installation

Installing a GeoTab GPS unit is quick and easy. To retain access to the vehicle diagnostics, we recommend using a Y harness, instead of plugging the unit directly into the diagnostic port. This method also allows you to tuck the unit away to prevent tampering.

First, plug the GeoTab unit into the Y harness and use the serialized zip tie to secure the unit to the harness. If you’re installing in a light duty vehicle, the you’ll use an OBDII Y harness. If you’re installing in a heavy duty vehicle, you’ll use a 9-pin Y harness.

Locate the vehicle’s engine diagnostic port, typically found in the driver’s area at or below knee level.

Remove any panels necessary and secure the unit to something metal underneath the dash, making sure that the serial number is facing the mounting surface.

Detach the vehicle’s diagnostic port and mount the open end of the Y harness in the diagnostic port’s original location.

Now you’re ready to plug the Y harness into the diagnostic port. You will hear 6 quick beeps and all three lights on the device will flash briefly.

With the vehicle parked outdoors to locate satellites and vent exhaust fumes, start the vehicle and allow it to run for approximately 3 minutes. During this time period you will notice the Red LED will power on and illuminate on the face of the device. Shortly afterwards the Green and Blue LEDs will illuminate when the device connects with the cellular and GPS networks. This initial startup may take several minutes to complete.

Finally, reattach any panels or components you may have removed during the installation.

Now you’re GeoTab GPS unit is installed and ready to go.