Finding that perfect balance so your fleet performs at its best is a challenge. A challenge that changes day to day, haul to haul. Changing conditions cause unforeseen problems to arise, as evidenced by the fact that each year there are 80,000 accidents caused by low tire pressure. We have a solution. Pressure Pro’s tire monitoring system can add to your fleet’s consistency by focusing on three integral areas; Safety, Economy and Environment. All three are integrated in this solution to provide accurate feedback on tire pressure for a more efficient haul.


Incorrect tire pressure due to neglect, damaged tires or tire malfunction, can result in accidents that could possibly have been avoided. Ensuring correct tire pressure on your fleet vehicle is easier than ever with Pressure Pro consistently monitoring levels and alerting drivers to potential problems that could cause safety concerns. The in-cab monitor provides tire pressure levels for all tires - parked or moving.


Not only do properly inflated tires last longer, but they also perform better. Incorrect tire pressure affects your fleet vehicle’s fuel economy and the life of your tires, and that affects your bottom line. Extend the life of your tires, get more out of your fuel economy and reduce timely roadside repairs caused by tired damage.


Monitoring tire pressure means you get the most use out of your fleet vehicle tires and increase fuel efficiency. Responsible fuel and resource consumption is beneficial for both your company, and for the environment. Tires that blow out or wear prematurely add to landfills and roadside litter, as well as being a hazard to other drivers.