GPS Fleet Tracking will give you a clear window into your fleet’s activity and improve your bottom line. GEOTAB GPS Fleet Tracking Systems will improve driver behavior, driver safety, on road productivity, and route consolidation all through statistical feedback related to driver policy. This solution provides in-vehicle driver coaching, breakthrough accident detection, route optimization, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, and much more.


Increase fuel efficiency by easily monitoring negative driver behavior that could be burning through fuel and tearing up equipment. GeoTab provides you with reports showing fuel consumption to see which drivers or vehicles are consuming more than the average, so you can take corrective measures to improve fuel economy.

Active diagnostic faults and other engine-derived information are used to prioritize which vehicles need maintenance, and alert you to potential problems and repairs.


GeoTab gives you constant insight into driver location, time reports and performance metrics. This allows you to know exactly where your fleet vehicle goes, how long it’s there, and how your fleet vehicle is being driven and handled. Compare recordings to your company policies on how drivers are supposed to perform in fleet vehicles.


Safety reports are generated that can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly. This provides you with insight into how drivers are operating fleet vehicles, and when reenforcement of safety training needs to be done. GeoTab provides real time driver coaching when unsafe driving is detected.


Cut down on paperwork, reduce violations and improve your CSA safety ratings with the use of GeoTab management tools. Hours of service, IFTA mileage, driver inspection reporting, driver safety, and more, are centrally located and easily accessible for your records.