Make every load count. With Air-Weigh, you can save time and money while eliminating wasted fuel and overweight fines. Air-Weigh will give you important weight information quickly, easily and accurately. Time is money, and Air-Weigh will help you reduce wasted time which will put more money in your pocket.


How much time does it take employees to redistribute an overweight load? How much time is wasted at the scales that could be spent on the road, because the load is over the limit? Vehicle weighing systems eliminate the hassle of redistributing, and the uncertainty of whether or not your load is positioned properly. Load faster and avoid unnecessary stops. Onboard scales allow drivers to complete the job quickly and efficiently, with the knowledge that their load is at the proper and optimal weight.

Save Money

Accurate weight information allows for the perfect load, every single time. Hefty overweight fines are a thing of the past with constant access to your exact load weight. The driver receives an alarm when the perfect load limit has been reached.